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Wireless Communications

Fixed and mobile wireless technologies of many types are key components of today’s defence and public safety data communications.  Technology Partners are MENA Region’s wireless experts.  We have solutions ranging from long distance, high capacity fixed point-to-point microwave, through wireless mesh infrastructure to cover camps, cities and entire regions, to VSAT and Sat phone voice and data communications solutions in remote areas and on the move.

Technology Partners' capabilities include:

  • Earth stations, VSAT terminals and systems and services from Stratos, Gigasat, General Dynamics, Tracstar, iDirect and Comtech
  • Advanced microwave systems from Hughes, Exalt, DragonWave and others
  • WiMAX and pre-WiMAX solutions from Redline Communications, Harris and Airspan
  • Metro-scale wireless mesh from ABB Tropos
  • BGAN voice communication solutions from Inmarsat and Hughes
  • Multi-frequency wireless voice communication systems from Motorola (TETRA) and iCOM