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WiMesh Networks for Telcos

Technology Partners specialises in delivering WiFi and WiMAX infrastructure, for hot spots, hot cities and beyond.  The combination of the two technologies delivers unprecedented performance and coverage.

  • WiMAX is an ideal technology for point-to-multipoint deployments, and has been used as the wireless backbone for about 90% of the hundreds of WiFi mesh deployments around the world.
  • WiFi mesh, using a much higher density of small radios, but with only 1 in 10 or so connected to backhaul, provides superior coverage and wireless performance. WiFi also has the huge advantage that WiFi client radios are basically free – there are about 1 billion of them around the world looking for a network. Today, it is impossible to buy a data device without WiFi access. Even in-home WiFi CPEs are less expensive and have more refined technology due to better production economics.

WiMesh network technology is proven, cost effective and scalable, with hundreds of successful deployments from campuses to large cities.

So, Why Should Telco Operators Consider WiMesh?

Telecommunications network capacity demand is currently growing at up to 10x per annum, due to increased data use from smart phones and other devices. This increase is not reflected in proportional revenue growth, as the number of users is growing at about one third of that rate, and ARPU is declining in many markets.

Many service providers are being forced to re-evaluate their network strategies to reduce the annual CAPEX investment needed just to keep up.

One proven strategy is to offload customer data traffic through low cost WiFi – private and public hot spots and metro-scale mesh deployments – by facilitating automatic roaming between their 3G/HSPA mobile networks and the WiFi infrastructure.

Network switching can be automatic using available or customised clients. It's built in to devices like the iPhone and iPad, it just requires a unified WiFi service. Providers can also benefit from national and international WiFi roaming agreements that share revenue with visiting customers from other participating providers, and generate additional revenue when their customers roam abroad.

Technology Partners knows how to deliver WiMesh networks reliably, securely and economically. We are currently completing the deployment of the largest WiFi network in the world, right here in the Middle East.