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Mobile Workforce Automation

Management of mobile maintenance operations has become increasingly important as utility companies emphasise customer care and resource conservation initiatives. Effective in-field voice, data and even video communications has been proven to enhance efficiency and timeliness. The same wireless award winning GridCom infrastructure used for utility AMI and SCADA applications has plenty of bandwidth available to provide secure, broadband communications to in-vehicle and man-carried PCs and mobile devices.

  • Work orders can be sent to utility crews in the field and paperwork filed remotely, eliminating many trips to and from the maintenance yard.
  • Vehicle Location Systems, using built-in or attached GPS, facilitate effective dispatch of the mobile workforce. In the event of an emergency, GPS can be used to identify the closest crew enabling them to quickly arrive at a problem site.
  • Real time geographic data – maps, building and utility plans – can be available in the field, ensuring the latest information is always available.
  • Mobile supervisors and inspectors reduce resolution time and maintain low expense levels with in-field report filing and approval processing.
  • Man-carried and in-vehicle video cameras can provide on-site, live feedback to remote supervisors, eliminating mistakes and managing closest crew incident response.