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Direct-to-Meter Communications

Technology Partners offers complete end-to-end Smart Metering solutions, from the meters themselves, to independent, reliable next generation communications infratructure, all fully integrated with best-of-breed back office systems for Meter Data Management, Billing and Customer Care.

The starting point for these systems is always reliable communications from and to the meters.  Technology Partners is pleased to be able to offer the latest generation of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications from the market leader in AMI connectivity, Silver Spring Networks.

The Silver Spring utility-owned communications platform has been successfully deployed for Utility customers worldwide and currently connects to over 17 million meters.  These deployments include many of the largest and most sophisticated AMI projects in the world, such as for Pacific Gas and Electric in the USA San Francisco Bay Area.  The PG&E deployment is currently reading over 5 million meters at sub-hourly intervals to provide unprecedented detail into customer demand for one of the world's largest utilities.

The Silver Spring platform has the following key characteristics:

  • Silver Spring communications modules are embedded into the meters, delivering intelligence and IPv6 addressability down to the meter level.  A wide variety of meters have been successfully integrated into the platform, including models from Lands+Gyr, Itron, Elster and General Electric.
  • The communications modules form a sub-GHz wireless mesh between themselves, wireless Repeaters, and wireless Access Points. This network allows communication at speeds of 100-300Kbps, and the selected frequency ensures meshing connectivity even inside hi-rise buildings.  Data connection reliability is extremely high when compared to conventional PLC-concentrator-GPRS solutions, with availability typically >99%.
  • The communications system is designed specifically for M2M connectivty, with built-in utility-grade security and unprecedented scalability.   One Access Point typically serves 5,000-10,000 meters, and networks have been tested to over 10 million metering end-points.
  • The meters are directly connected to the Silver Spring multi-meter Headend system, UtilIQ, removing the need for expensive concentrators in substations or buildings.  This Headend is readily integrated with all the leading MDMS, Billing and CRM systems and multiple Case Studies are available with live Silver Spring customers.