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SAP is the undisputed market leader as the supplier of ERP solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, with over 550 Oil & Gas customers worldwide.  These customers are responsible for the production of 40 million barrels of oil per day.

Technology Partners has selected SAP for the delivery of ERP systems for the MENA Region's Oil and Gas industry.  In Iraq, for example, TP is able to support the rapidly growing Oil and Gas industry with over 40 highly trained Iraqi engineers and technicians operating from bases throughout the country.  These include SAP ERP specialists.

The SAP Oil and Gas upstream ERP solution delivers the flexibility and visibility required to drive exploration, innovation, and production. The software enables the rapid development of business models to quickly adapt to customer demand, react to market changes faster, and better balance profitability and sustainability.


The SAP Oil and Gas upstream ERP solution: 

  • Supports the entire exploration cycle, including licensing and appraisals
  • Facilitates mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures
  • Leverages tools for opportunity analysis, strategic planning, and contract management
  • Establishes field size, production method, and profitability – quickly
  • Ensures compliance with corporate, industry, and governmental standards
  • Improves capital and human resources management while maximizing ROI