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Telco Billing and CRM Systems

Technology Partners has selected SAP Telecommunications as its solution for converged customer billing and CRM systems for its wireless, wireline, and IP telecom customers.  SAP has over 600 Telecommunications Industry customers worldwide, including 78% of the telcos within the Fortune 500.

SAP Telecommunications is a complete telecommunications ERP solution. It provides powerful features for marketing, sales, and services activities across all delivery channels. SAP’s CRM solution for telcos includes industry-specific functions to increase your sales of voice, data or content services, hardware, and other offerings. Based on SAP’s leading e-business platform,, the solution integrates with your financial systems (including SAP’s contract accounting and convergent invoicing function), data warehouse, and logistics systems. SAP creates an open environment that cuts costs by implementing standards and making processes more efficient.

Customer Billing

The SAP® Convergent Charging application is a modular solution, designed for convergence, and adapts to the potential needs of telecom service providers. It complements traditional intelligent network (IN) architectures by providing the sophisticated pricing and rating functionalities required. The application provides online and offline access for both incumbent and greenfield operations. SAP Convergent Charging is also aligned with the emerging standards for online charging, and TP is closely following developments in this area. Native convergent functionality makes SAP Convergent Charging ideal for emerging IP services such as mobile data and multimedia broadband services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Effective CRM is critical for every telecommunications company. That is truer now than ever before. New technologies and services, increasing competition, dwindling customer loyalty, globalization, and market uncertainty are all good reasons to be concerned about the effectiveness of your CRM strategy and solutions.

The customer relationship management (CRM) capabilitiy of SAP Telecommunications delivers an end-to-end CRM solution tailored for the telecom industry. Its powerful and comprehensive features allow you to manage all customer related activities – from marketing to sales to service – successfully and profitably. The fully integrated environment creates a seamless flow of information and enhances collaboration across the extended enterprise.  SAP’s solution improves customer focus and increases efficiency and productivity, cutting costs and increasing profitability.