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Smart Street Light Systems

Street lights are an essential part of city infrastructure, making night driving safer, helping to control crime, and improving City safety 24 hours a day. Street lighting often accounts for 30-40% of a city’s energy costs, however, and a significant proportion of its monthly maintenance bill.

Both of these expenses can be dramatically reduced by making the street lights “smart” – remotely managing them through smart controllers connected to a central street light management system:

  • Energy costs can be reduced by up to 30% merely by optimising city lighting (dimming at low use times, reducing over-provisioning, etc.), and these savings can be increased to over 60% as the latest generation of LED lights are phased in
  • A 50% reduction in maintenance charges has been reported from successful cities – driven by instant outage notifications, planned maintenance, and improved equipment life
  • CO2 emissions are reduced in proportion to the energy reduction, improving municipal sustainability
  • Critical areas of the City are noticeably safer, as lighting is optimised for use and timing.

All of these saving create a solid business case, with paybacks measured in 2-5 years depending on the rate of modernisation.

Technology Partners has solutions for all levels of Smart Street Light optimisation, ranging from management through existing control cabinets, to LED replacement with individual luminaire control - all connected through a shared city-wide M2M network infrastructure. We can help you phase your Smart Street Lighting implementation according to your municipal priorities and budget.