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  • 13.4.2014

    The Inauguration of Iraq Telecom and IT Association Registration Certificate

    Omar Barzanji vice chairman and Ahmed Izzidine secretary inaugurate the issuance of the Registration Certificate granted exclusively by the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers. On the occasion present was Dr. Jowan Masum, board member and former minister of communications. Without her active support, the issuance would have taken a long time. 

  • 25.9.2013

    Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit 2013

    Technology Partners was the Official Host and Headline Sponsor for the 3rd Annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit presented by Fleming Gulf in Abu Dhabi on the 24th and 25th of September, 2013.

    Roy Hodges, VP Marketing at Technology Partners chaired the event on the first day and gave a presentation entiltled "Smart Grids and Smart Meters, an End-to-End Solution".  He also participated in a panel session which investigated the key factors required to accelerate the deployment of Smart Grids and Smart Meters in the Middle East.  Other panellists included Dr. Essam A. El Ammar fro Saudi Arabia's Electricity and Cogeneration authority, Ri'd Jemayyle from Jordan Electricity and Power Company, and Moazzem Hossein from ADDC. 

    Technology Partners also had exhibition space at the Conference, showcasing systems and solutions for the Smarter Grid including, for the first time in the Middle East, projects and technology from Silver Spring Networks.


  • 9.7.2013

    Iraq Ministry of Oil SAP Project Kickoff Meeting Held in Dubai

    Following the Contract Award for the Iraq Ministry of Oil SAP ERP System earlier in the year, Technology Partners was delighted to host the Project Kickoff Meeting for the project during the first week of July 2013.

    The meeting was attended by the Iraq Ministry of Oil Project Steering Committee. Detailed presentations and dicussion sessions with the TP Project team included active participation from the Ministry's consultants Managemant Partners, and TP's solution partners SAP and Dell.


  • 1.5.2013

    Technology Partners Announces Partnership with Silver Spring Networks

    Technology Partners is pleased to announce an International Teaming Agreement to represent Smart Grid Communications market leader Silver Spring Networks in several countries in the MENA Region.  Under this Agreement, Technology Partners will be offering the full range of Silver Spring network components, including its sub-GHz direct-to-meter wireless networking technology and headend software as part of its end-to-end Smart Metering Solution.

    Silver Spring AMI Architecture

    Silver Spring Networks is based in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They have been leading the Smart Grid revolution in the United States for ten years, culminating in a successful Nasdaq IPO offering in 2013. The Silver Spring technology has been proven in some of the largest and most complex Smart Metering projects in the world, including the deployment of Smart Meters for Pacific Gas and Electric in San Franciso, where over 5 million meters are read every 50 minutes, delivering near real-time electricity consumption information on an unprecedented scale.

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  • 5.1.2013

    Technology Partners Awarded Contract for an Integrated SAP ERP Solution for Iraq’s Ministry of Oil

    Technology Partnersis pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract to deliver Phase 1 of a country-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for the Iraq Ministry of Oil.

    The fully integrated solution will be based around SAP’s comprehensive ERP software suite which is specifically designed for the international Oil and Gas Industry, and intrinsically supports international oil industry best business practices.  The first phase of this ERP system will be delivered with a complete, vertically integrated server, storage and network solution to support it across four of the Ministry’s sites in Iraq.

    Subsequent phases will address the needs of the Ministry's other business units.

    Iraq has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and the Ministry of Oil is currently operating under a mandate to rapidly expand its production from the 2 million barrels per day levels of 2010, to a target in excess of 8 million barrels per day by 2015.  If successful, this expansion will be the fastest national oil production growth in history.

    A key part of achieving these objectives is the Ministry’s modernization of its operations through the implementation of a world class ERP system.

    This SAP implementation has the sole focus of equipping the Iraqi oil industry with a best-of-breed solution to improve operational efficiency, that will, in turn, enable the achievement of the deserved revenues to help to rebuild Iraq’s critical national infrastructure.

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