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Management of mobile maintenance operations has become increasingly important as municipalities focus on operational efficiency and emphasise customer service. Effective in-field voice, data and even video communications have been proven to enhance efficiency and timeliness. A Smart City wireless network infrastructure delivers plenty of bandwidth to provide secure, broadband communications to in-vehicle and man-carried PCs and mobile devices. Mobile Workforce applications can co-exist with other Smart City applications, operated over a totally secure virtual private network running on the common infrastructure.

  • Work orders can be sent to utility crews in the field and paperwork filed remotely, eliminating many trips to and from the maintenance yard.
  • Vehicle Location Systems, using built-in or attached GPS, facilitate effective dispatch of the mobile workforce. In the event of an emergency, GPS can be used to identify the closest crew enabling them to quickly arrive at a problem site.
  • Real time geographic data – maps, building and utility plans – can be available in the field, ensuring the latest information is always available.
  • Mobile supervisors and inspectors reduce resolution time and maintain low expense levels with in-field report filing and approval processing.
  • Man-carried and in-vehicle video cameras can provide on-site, live feedback to remote supervisors, eliminating mistakes and managing closest crew incident response.

Technology partners can provide and integrate a complete mobile workforce solution tailored to your Smart City priorities and requirements.