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The whole concept of a Smart City revolves around intelligently managing the component parts that make the city work. What has been proven in many individual case studies is that making these components "smart" by adding sensors and remote functional control can dramatically improve the efficiency of essential city services. Traffic can be optimised in real time, street lighting can be automatically adjusted to conditions, and rubbish can be collected when bins are full.  

The Smart City, therefore, is a city where the stakeholders and the equipment they use are continuously connected. Connecting people across a city with voice and data services is very well established.  Effective connection of very large numbers of devices such as streetlights, parking meter sensors, utility meters and traffic controllers (the "Internet of Things") often delivers a different set of challenges.

All of these devices require Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections.  Machines cannot sign on to the Internet with a password.  They are often part of mission critical infrastructure that requires guaranteed security, connectivity and throughput.  The data rates required are often modest (Kbps), but the number of connections in a particular area may be measured in 10s of thousands. And, because of the number of devices, the cost of the network devices and the connection service has to be affordable for the application.

Because of these factors, many Smart City applications require an M2M-optimised network infrastructure using the latest IPv6 direct-addressable networking technology that cannot be satisfied by telco-provided GPRS, 3G or LTE networks.

Technology Partners is very familiar with the different requirements of M2M networks and can design and build your common Internet of Everything platform to connect devices and City Stakeholders for all your Smart City applications.