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Video Surveillance Solutions

Conventional CCTV video surveillance has converged with PC and networking technology to create dramatic improvement in features and functionality.  Digital surveillance solutions can now deliver unprecedented price/performance on a scale that was previously impossible.

Video data streams are now routinely transported digitally using the standard Internet communications Protocol (IP).  The combination of inexpensive and often (securely) shared IP networks, high performance IP cameras, and sophisticated software-based recording, monitoring and analysis systems has created a new generation of digital video surveillance solutions.  These solutions have more capabilities, are quicker to deploy, are more scalable, and often form the core of complete Command and Control (C2) systems.

Video analytics, for example, allows the automatic identification of security events such as perimeter intrusion, illegal parking, or tailgating.  The events can often be validated by integrated sensors or access control systems, and acted on in real time by automatically transmitting alerts and live video streams to security personnel and mobile responders.  This can all be achieved over a standard, but highly secure, multi-use network infrastructure implemented across enterprises, camps and campuses, metropolitan/industrial areas, or larger areas such as entire oil fields or national borders.  TP provides all supporting equipment and infrastructure for complex video deployments including specialist cameras and sensors, camera enclosures (weather, bullet and explosion proof), mounting assets (fixed and mobile towers, aerostats, etc.) and long range targeting systems (ground radar, RF direction finding, etc.).

Technology Partners delivers and fully supports these systems on the ground, and we have a track record of delivering Iraqi security projects such as the Erbil International Airport and the Mansour Melia Hotel in Baghdad.