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ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Requirements Planning (ERP) software goes beyond core financials, human resource management and logistics. A properly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system can improve alignment of a business's strategies and operations and enhance productivity and insight for the entire enterprise. Above all, it delivers the power to adapt quickly to changing industry requirements.

Technology Partners has selected market leader SAP as its Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Partner. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding midsize and large organisations – in all industries and sectors:

  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management – transform the role and value of HR
  • SAP ERP Financials – turns finance into a strategic business partner
  • SAP ERP Operations – allows you to gain agility and speed in your operations
  • SAP ERP Corporate Services – streamlines your business processes and costs

Technology Partners SAP Solutions are ideally suited to both large enterprises and growing medium sized companies in the MENA region. With over 80,000 customer organisations in 120+ countries, SAP ERP users immediately benefit from the industry best practices embedded within all SAP solutions. In addition, Technology Partners has specific SAP Industry Solutions for the Utility and Oil and Gas industries; sectors where SAP provides unrivalled industry leadership and supplies many industry-specific modules and programs. SAP Solutions can be optimised to meet the requirements of all MENA Region Utility and Oil and Gas Industry companies.

Technology Partners delivers unprecedented usability and data access through its SAP-integrated kiosk and mobile applications.  Standard, but customisable, applications for SAP Human Capital Management, for example, provide a full suite of employee self-service applications through in-building kiosks and connected laptops, tablets and smart phones.  Business Objects Analytics dashboards are readily configure to run on the same mobile devices, securely delivering key management information to executives on the move.  TP specialises in making SAP's comprehensive functionality accessible to whoever needs it, wherever they may be.