Technology Partners

TP Iraq

Fibre Infrastructure

Technology Partners deploys indoor and outdoor fibre network infrastructure using world-class components from our partners Corning, Tellabs, Cisco and Siemon. 

Our team has direct experience in long haul, single mode deployments to 652D and 655 ITU standards as well as multi-mode SDH and DWDM multi-mode installations.

We deliver complete solutions, including network design, site survey and route evaluation, trenching, conduit deployment, fibre blowing, splicing, termination, testing and commissioning.

Recent projects include the deployment of 270Km of redundant fibre infrastructure in Iraq for ITPC (Iraq telecommunications and Postal Company) between Nasiriya and Basra, and the recent completion of a new IP infrastructure based on a DWDM/SDH core between the Basra Airport and the Andalus ITPC PSTN network in Basra.