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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Organisations in Iraq, particularly in the Government and Oil and Gas sectors, face great challenges in managing and leveraging their information assets to support their business objectives. There are also increasing pressures internally and externally to have information readily available for decision-making, compliance, policy, strategy and business process.

This is where managing the life cycle of information becomes as relevant as the physical management of the data itself. The ability of an organization to structure its content, share it and collaborate for better governance is increasingly becoming a key factor for business continuity.

Technology Partners' best of breed Enterprise Content Management can address the most challenging content management requirements of the most demanding industry sectors such as Government. eGovernment initiatives have become a necessity to help improve the outcome of policy processes and engage citizens in meeting the challenges of public life.

Technology Partners' Content Management offering also caters to solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) Data Management, which requires specialist knowledge of the business value of E&P data, its conversion, storage, sharing, interpretation, viewing and life cycle management.

Partnerships with leading Enterprise Content Management solution providers such as EMC, with its flagship product Documentum, and OpenText, enable us to leverage the capabilities of the leaders in Enterprise Content Management solutions including Storage, Virtualization and Cloud computing.

Archiving Solutions

Archiving, (Information Lifecycle Management), includes the capture, policy-based retention and automatic migration of content for purposes of IT infrastructure optimization, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and content leverage. Archiving moves data to secondary storage tiers that can be readily accessed if required. It also enhances the performance of applications by migrating fixed content that is not accessed daily, but may be needed for reference from time to time.

Organisations generally archive to increase their revenues (by leveraging content assets), save money (by IT efficiency and cost control), or for good housekeeping (compliance and corporate governance).

Our sophisticated Information Lifecycle Management and storage solutions address a broad range of data handling and information management challenges that help organisations achieve their archiving needs such as:

  • Archiving
  • Structured backup and tape storage
  • Tiered storage management
  • Tape storage solutions
  • Consultancy and services