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Billing and CRM

As market restructuring continues to reshape the utilities industry, success comes to those who are not only prepared but are also ready to take advantage of the changes progress is bringing. These changes include the flexibility of today’s new customer care and billing solutions for the utilities industry discussed.

Technology Partners delivers billing and CRM solutions for utilities from SAP.  SAP for Utilities offers the flexibility to configure processes specifically for utility provider roles and services in regulated and deregulated markets, for electricity, gas, and water services.  These processes apply across the value chain and encompass transmission, transportation, distribution, and retail roles. No other business solution software vendor has more industry and customer experience in utilities markets than SAP. Its solutions help to improve efficiencies along the entire customer life cycle through standardization of business processes within regulatory environments.


SAP Billing provides a powerful and flexible billing engine, easily capable of managing and adjusting mass billing rates for residential customers and complex billing rates for industrial customers. Billing of unmetered services and multiservice billing is also supported. Many workflow features such as simulations, plausibility checking and parallel processing and monitoring of mass runs allow new marketing programmes and operational changes to be readily implemented. A wide range of taxes, postings, and collections processes, are supported as well as all common budgeting procedures. Billing exceptions and unbilled revenue monitoring through integrated analytics and reports deliver billing-process optimization, prevent revenue leakage and enable customer segmentation.

SAP Customer Service Management supports the utility call center with utility-specific customer service processes, including all back-office billing and contract accounting processes.  Full AMI integration delivers real time functionality such as remote real time meter reads, and remote connect and disconnect functions, improving overall customer service and operational efficiency. Integration with customer self-service portals provides access to usage and billing data, speeds up payments, and promotes conservation programmes.